NEW: Contact Center for MS Teams

Today we’re releasing our latest innovation on the platform; Contact Center

We see a lot of organisations migrating to Microsoft Teams Calling and replacing their legacy telephone system. Out of the box Teams offers a good base of telephony features, like auto attendant and queues. But for some organisations this isn’t enough.

If you’re using group numbers or run a contact center, you would like to see in realtime whats going on. For example: how may callers are in the queue, how long is the longest waiting, how many agents are available. Supervisor would like to have a good view of performance and take action if things get out of control. Also historical reporting is one of the things you cannot mis: how did I perform this week and how are my agents doing?

With the Contact Center solution you can fill in all the gaps, and with the Social Messaging functionalities also Whatsapp, webchat, Twitter and Facebook are included.

Take a look of all the features at: and check this video showing the Native Agent App for MS Teams