Version 38 (build 471) November 24th 2020

  • New: Pre-chat forms are supported on Webchat. You can, for example, ask for a name and email address which can be send to the Teams Agent. An entered emailaddress or phonenumber can be used to do a CRM lookup
  • New: When images are embedded in the chatbot (using markdown language) they will now be send to WhatsApp
  • New: In the portal you can view and create API keys for several services
  • Improvement: MS Dynamics implementation changed to match default CRM Connectors
  • Improvement: Replicated CRM Databases are indexed automatically, which improves searching
  • Improvement: On the main portal page, the assigned partner is displayed
  • Improvement: Implemented a new CRM icon on adaptive cards for Custom CRM Replicators
  • Fix: Choices in webchat are moved to a second line when they don’t fit on one