November 2020 Updates

As we approach the last period of the year, the ROGER365 team announces some cool new features and improvements. More and more input comes from our customers and partners, and we’re thankfull for that.

Pre-webchat form
In our latest release we’ve added the option to show a form with custom definable fields to ask the webchat user for some info. This can be a name or company name, but also emailaddress and/or phonenumber. Using the emailaddress or phonenumber, we can search your CRM database and show extra info. The pre-webchat form feature is available from the Business subscription

Webchat User Identification
If you have an authenticated area on your website, you can use this login information to identify the webchat user when connected to Teams. Just put the username in the javascript, and we’ll use it to search the CRM database.

Sending Chatbot images to WhatsApp
You can now put images in the knowledgebases of our Chatbot using markdown language. When a WhatsApp user asks a question we can answer it with text AND an image.

API Keys
For ROGER365 developers you can now create your own API keys to access different types of services. We’ve just started with a few, but next year we’ll try to expand these with more!