October 2020 Updates

With our whole team working from home, we keep developing new features and functionalities. Great to get feedback from our customers and partners who help us improving the ROGER365.io platform even more. Underneath you’ll find the most important news from this month.

TouchPoint SMS

It’s now possible to add SMS as an TouchPoint to the platform. You have to purchase a SMS number from an official telecom provider like cm.com and hook it to ROGER365.io. After that you are able to receive SMS messages in Microsoft Teams. It’s also possible to send an SMS to a contact.

Timeout Message

Also new is a feature to send a webchat user a message, if a Teams agent does not respond after a timeout. If, for example, a webchat user wants to chat with an agent and nobody responds, you can ask the webchat user to wait a little longer or to leave his/her contact details so the agent can contact this person later.

Wallboard in a Channel Tab

The Wallboard which you can use to have an overview of open conversations is now automatically added to a TAB in the Teams Channel.

Edit Contactpersons

In the portal you are able to change the information of the three types of contactpersons.